Carpet Floor Covering Solutions

Many people think that the 1970’s are over, while that may be the case, carpet flooring is on the rise again. Sure, carpet floors were the talk of the town in that era in particular, but they’ve been experiencing a bit of a lull of late. The carpet floor was once a symbol of success, class, and wealth, but now it seems to be a symbol of wine stains, bad odours, and annoyance. Many people opt to choose the laminate floor solution as it is easy to install, maintain, and clean.

While all of this may be true, the true benefit of carpet floors is that they come in different lengths, textures, colours and sizes, and can be installed with almost any interior layout design one has in mind.

Rugs Vs. Carpets

The infamous carpet vs. rug debate is here again, which side would you take? While rugs have the appeal of being removable, and can be placed anywhere, carpet flooring is here to stay and won't get kicked up and messed around with. It’s true that many rug throws are handcrafted with the most beautiful designs one could imagine. Instantly, when thinking about rugs one is probably reminded of the Persian rug in all its might. The Persian rug has been around for centuries, is produced in Iran and the surrounding countries, and greatly reflects the culture and identity of its peoples. If an authentic, beautifully crafted piece of history is what one is after, then a Persian rug should definitely be considered.

Nevertheless, carpet flooring can also take on a character of its own, as the 21st century has given rise to many new and straight from the source innovative approaches to carpet design. Available in a wide variety of textures and patterns, carpet flooring can complete the look of a home in a way view that wood, vinyl, or laminate flooring simply cannot. Carpet floors also add comfort for those cold winter months. Simply kick off one’s shoes and socks, and enjoy the plush, grassy texture of the level loop beneath one’s toes!

Finding A Carpet Store In New Paltz

While the Upper New York area tends to be a great location for all of one's home improvement and side project needs, the Hudson Valley area is also a great place to shop. Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Kingston, New Paltz, etc., these are all terrific places to ask for help finding the right kind of flooring solution.

What’s great about this region is that it has some of the most wonderful varieties of wood available. Sure, you may be after a carpet floor, but that does not mean hardwood should not be considered for your next project.

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